Influencing Project Prosperity

PMI honored Teresa Newton-Terres with the PMI Community Advancement Through Project Management Award 2008.  Ms. Newton-Terres was recognized at the PMI Global Congress, in Denver, Colorado, October 18, 2008.  Her efforts  contributed significantly to the wellbeing of National Guard families because, as a volunteer with the National Guard Professional Education Center (PEC), Ms. Newton-Terres' skillful use of project management methods empowered PEC families to be self-reliant and responsibility interdependent to navigate the challenges of military life.  As the Program Champion, Ms. Newton-Terres, development a family program that would support 460 PEC employees (military and civilian) and over 22,000 yearly attendees from 54 states, territories and Washington D.C.  "It is a testament to the effectiveness of her approach that the program grew from 60 quarterly contacts in 2003 to well over 2,868 contacts in the first quarter of 2008," said PMI.

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